Seven Tips To Make The Best First Impressions.

Have a problem making friends?

Always messing up your first impression on people?

Wondering why you never heard back from the nice girl you met at the mall?

Worry no more…cos Tea With Massie 💋☕️has got you covered.

Here are seven tips to make that bomb first impression on your acquaintance:

1. Don’t Gender Base Names.

Just incase you’re confused, here’s an example; let’s say you meet this really cool girl in a social gathering and she tells you her name is Ryan.

Saying something like…

“I thought Ryan is a male name.”

Or “Isn’t Ryan for guys?”

Is a total NO.

Gender-basing a name automatically builds up a wall between you and your acquaintance.

Truth is sometimes there’s a story behind some of these ‘mismatched’ names and that’s not a story someone will be comfortable telling you on the first day of meeting you, even if it’s as basic as “My mom was expecting a boy, but then had me.”

So don’t ever gender-base names on your first encounter, you can ask about this in the future when you’re good friends.

2. Don’t Spell The Name Wrong.

I know this whole name issue sounds trivial, but a lot of people I know and have asked always say that it kinda ticks them off when their names are gotten wrong.

So if you meet someone for the first time and aren’t sure of their name’s spelling, ask instead of assuming.

For example, there’s Brian and Bryan, both have the same pronunciation so if you meet someone with this name, don’t guess…ask which spelling is right.

Asking doesn’t hurt.

3. Don’t Cut Them Off.

How will you feel if someone asked you to tell them about yourself and they keep cutting you off in the middle of every sentence? Annoying…much.

Getting cut off makes people very irritated and impatient to get out of that conversation.

So just let them finish their sentence first or if you must compulsorily say anything, be polite about it.

Here’s a demo:

Acquaintance: I lived in Hawaii for four years then moved to…

Me: Sorry to interrupt you, but did you just say Hawaii…I’ve always wanted to go there. Can you please tell me more about your time there?

Now that’s quite a polite way of cutting in.

4. Don’t Make It All About You.

Let’s still use the previous example about Hawaii.

Acquaintance: I lived in Hawaii for four years then moved to…

Response A: Sorry to interrupt you, but did you just say Hawaii…I’ve always wanted to go there. Can you please tell me more about it?

Response B: Sorry to interrupt you, but did you just say Hawaii…I’ve heard so much about it. I’m planning to go there some time soon. I’ll really love to go to their beaches and learn their waist dances…

And the rambling in response B continues.

If you were the acquaintance you’ll probably become a little uneasy with response B.

It’s okay to talk about yourself too, but don’t make the conversation all about you, if you’re asking your acquaintance for a basic introduction, let them finish before you say anything. And don’t turn everything they say into a discussion about yourself.

Too much self talk is boring talk.

Let there be a balance.

5. Be Yourself and Don’t Lie.

Very funny headline but very true.

Be yourself…if you’re a ‘rainbows and sunshine’ person, don’t pretend to be a gentle and quiet individual.

Pretending will damage a good friendship along the way.

Usually the intention behind the lie is to impress your acquaintance but even if the person doesn’t let you know, a lot of times they notice.

I remember a social gathering I attended back in high school, I met this really friendly person. As we kept talking the topic of my favorite series came up and when I told her she praised the series and said it was her favorite too. I started speaking in details of some characters and she went mute and that’s when I realized.

Of course I wasn’t offended because she didn’t have the series in common with me, but I felt a little disappointed that she lied about something so trivial.

Don’t lie to someone just to try impressing them.

Tell them about your own favorite thing, they may end up preferring it to theirs.

Be true to yourself…be honest.

6. Focus On The Relatable.

During your conversation with an acquaintance you’ll definitely find a thing or two that you both have common interest in, at that point you can focus more of your conversation on those things.

And even if you have nothing in common, there are some things everyone can relate to like school stress, college applications, your work hassles, etc.

So just make sure you focus a fair part of your conversation on things both of you can relate to.

Make your conversation fun.

7. Appreciate Their Company.

This is the simplest and most meaningful thing that a lot of people forget.

After hanging out with a person especially a new acquaintance, always remember to appreciate their company.

It may be on your way out or when you get back home.

Something as simple as:

“It was really nice hanging out with you”


“Thank you for sparing some minutes out of your time” for a more professional course.

As simple and trivial as the above statements sound, they go a long way in magnifying your first impression.

Appreciate the company.

I hope this was helpful.

If you have other suggestions, you can drop them in the comment section.

Feel free to share with a friend or family member you think this may be useful to.